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11th February 2014

ISO member countries have followed the UK in voting to move the latest version of the revised 14001 text on to a draft international standard (DIS).

A second committee draft (CD2) of the revised environmental management systems standard was published in October 2013 and ISO countries had until 23 January to vote on whether CD2 should become a DIS.

ISO has now confirmed that the national groups have voted in favour of taking CD2 to the next stage.

Key changes in the revised draft standard include:

  • Understanding the organisation’s strategic context and engagement with interested parties
  • Greater focus on environmental performance improvement across the value chain
  • Evaluating organisational risks and opportunities in the context of external environmental conditions (e.g. adapting to climate change, resource availability)
  • Strengthening requirements on the involvement of top management and integration of environmental management into core business processes and alignment with business strategy
  • Greater clarity on external communication, including emphasis on data quality and assurance.

For further information on the impact of the proposed changes or EMS implementation/ support please contact Dan Wellington


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