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10th June 2013

Subject to Parliamentary approval, amended Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations will come into force on 1 October 2013.

The second edition of L74 applies up to and including 30 September 2013 (subject to ministerial approval). You can download it for free or buy a printed version.

From 1 October 2013, if the amended Regulations come into effect, the guidance in the third edition of L74 will apply. A draft version of the third edition is available for download, or you can order a printed copy, which will be despatched after 1 October.

This guidance is for employers. It sets out what employers need to do to address first-aid provision in the workplace.

It provides guidance on:

  • managing the provision of first aid (first-aid kit, equipment, rooms etc)
  • requirements and training for first-aiders
  • requirements for appointed persons
  • making employees aware of first-aid arrangements
  • first aid and the self-employed
  • cases where first-aid regulations do not apply

What has changed in the third edition?

This publication has been updated to take account of the amendment to regulation 3(2), which removes the requirement for HSE to approve the training and qualifications of appointed first-aid personnel, and to incorporate some additional amendments brought about by other previous legislative changes.

HSE's move away from the approval of training and qualifications has meant that associated guidance has been updated and strengthened specifically to assist employers in their selection of first-aid training providers.

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