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Enquire Now Noise Assessment and Control

Employers are under a legal duty to prevent or control the exposure of their employees to noise. In order to do this, noise exposure must be assessed. Action levels are set by the Noise at Work Regulations 2005 based on the exposure of employees over their working day.

Noise induced hearing loss is cumulative - the more exposure, the greater the loss.

• Has a noise assessment ever been made of my workplace?

• If yes, when was it done? Has anything changed since then?

• If no, is it necessary to raise my voice to talk to other people in the workplace?

The Noise at Work Regulations require that employers carry out an assessment of employees noise exposure where they are liable to be exposed to noise above 80 dB(A) (L,EP,d). Noise assessments must be carried out by a “competent person” to established protocols, using suitable measuring equipment which is subject to regular re-calibration. Interpretation of noise measurements requires a certain level of expertise and understanding - it is unlikely that many supervisors and managers will hold the necessary skills.

Noise assessments may be subject to scrutiny by HSE, insurers and courts of law. Make sure that your assessment will stand up to it. Having measured the noise, there is a requirement to reduce it, ideally at source but, in practice, sometimes relying on the use of ear defenders. The assessment needs to establish that the chosen PPE gives the required degree of protection.

The solution Peak HSE offer a service to carry out workplace noise assessments. Our comprehensive service includes:-

• Full Survey Facilities

• Interpretive Report

• Recommendations for improvements

• Technical expertise and advice

Our service is carried out by trained and experienced staff and can be tailored to suit your exact needs.

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